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Prefab Cabin Resorts Modular CabinsPrefab Cabin Resorts Modular CabinsPrefab Cabin Resorts Modular CabinsPrefab Cabin Resorts Modular CabinsPrefab Cabin Resorts Modular Cabins

Prefab Cabin Resorts Modular Cabins

Prefab Cabin Resorts Modular Cabins 


Exterior View

Interor View

Working from home has its advantages - but after the same set up for over a year, the lines between work and your personal time start to blur. If you’re itching for a change of scenery, looking to unwind and escape even just for a while, a staycation away from the city might do you some good. Fortunately in the past year, a rise of unique accommodations have popped up  - cabin-style accommodations being one of them. Typically engulfed in nature, these cozy accommodations will not only offer guests a relaxing staycation experience, but a mentally nourishing one, too.  


*The full range of micro-station unique 270°panoramic floor-to-ceiling windows creates a dream experience of sleeping in the landscape
*The floodlights in the sleeping area are illuminated, and the sunroof option is also a vailable. With the smart mode, the lighting environment can be easily controlled.
*Integrates the whole room intelligent control system panel and can also be remotely controlled on the mobile side.
*Equipped with integrated equipment space to reduce equipment noise; quick-release inspection panel for quick maintenance.
*Completely free layout, maximizing the need for soft installation in various scenarios, opening up unlimited possibilities.
*Integrated audio and video system, providing a wonderful audio-visual experience, wireless Bluetooth connection, playing your favorite music.
*High-quality bathroom, the whole series uses high-end bathroom brand peoducts.
*The foyer space is only a step away from pure natural fun to the ultimate modern life.


Suitable for peaks, forests, tidal flats, etc.No construction waste, environmentally friendly 45 days production, 2 hours installation On-site construction is not required 100% original design, leading the fashion trend popular in the market 270°Floor-to-ceiling window, good insulationSleep in the scenery, enjoy the beauty of nature

Transportation Hoisting Installation
The product will be loaded on a delivery vehicle (standard semi-trailer, Length: 13.5m, Width: 3m, Height: ≤4.2m, arranged by our company) and shipped by a flat rack-container. After arriving the project site, the product should be hoisted by the local crane service, and remote guidance will be provided by our technical team. The weight of the product is between 6 to 10 tons. It is recommended to arrange ≥25 tons for loading and unloading. Before installation, the plumbing system and electrical system and foundation should be prepared in accordance with the standard drawings provided by our company. Place the product in the designated location under the guidance of our technicians, and test the performance after the installation is done.


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