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Heya Group is an innovative enterprise specializing in the development, design, production, manufact
Sep 11,2019

Experienced construction contractor partner - Heya Group

Sep 16,2019

1strip foundation, independent foundation, well format foundation,pile foundation, dome foundation and box foundation.strip foundation, independent...

Sep 06,2019

How should the foundation of a light steel villa be grounded?

An impressive prefabricated house
Apr 16,2018

This is a massive prefabricated house in modular construction. The single-family house with pitched roof impresses not only by its size of 176...

Prefabricated restaurant construction with deluxe interior decoration
May 15,2018

This is a luxurious prefabricated restaurant made according to the design of the client. It makes the whole restaurant look beautiful with woo...

Rready Made 20ft Flat Pack Container Store House
May 11,2018

Heya container store Can be customized according to customer needs,Excellent quality and price,Good pre-sale and after-sale service

The workers are loading the house
May 09,2018

The workers are loading the house.

Panorama shooting of container house production workshop
May 07,2018

Our factory production process standardization, product quality has been strictly certified, welcome to visit the factory at any time.

Are you looking for a piece of paradise with a smaller footprint?
May 04,2018

Are you looking for a piece of paradise with a smaller footprint?This prefabricated tiny house with two bedrooms, a full bathroom, l...

A tiny house of 400 square feet
May 02,2018

A tiny house that proves even 400-sq-ft can be spacious!The home's well-laid out interior packs numerous amenities into a small space without ...

Shipped in accordance with the agreement
Apr 28,2018

Before the Labor Day holiday, the house is sent out so that clients can receive the goods earlier and build the house well.

Display of interior decoration effect of container house
Apr 26,2018

The interior decoration of the prefabricated container house is designed according to the customer's needs. If the customer has no plans for the in...

Modular prefabricated container school classroom construction
Apr 25,2018

The school was built with prefabricated container houses and added a roof to the top of the container. 

Have you ever seen a house that appears to float?
Apr 23,2018

The house aims to make high end architecture simple with their series of modular designs and this one is the latest with its light, minimalist appe...

Heya Houses New Arrival
Apr 18,2018

The minimum order quantity of this product is...

Do you want to build temporary housing for workers in the construction site?
May 23,2018

Do you want to build temporary housing for workers in the construction site? Is it a good choice for purchasing movable houses, or a ...

White add a beautiful thing to a contrasting beautiful prefabricated house
Apr 12,2018

The decorative style of white makes the whole house bright and clean.

Excellent Modular Prefabricated Tiny House Design
Apr 10,2018

From the exterior, this tiny house looks very much like a typical suburban home. It would fit in nicely in any neighborhood,

Warmly Welcome the Customers from France
Apr 07,2018

Taking every customer seriously reflects the rich connotation of enterprise's management level,

Three major service characteristics of container house manufacturer
Apr 03,2018

In order to better meet the requirements of the conventional use, the container house manufacturers ensure that all the contents are covered in the...

An economic container house that is very suitable for living
Mar 29,2018

This container home relies on a combination of metal and wooden materials and tones, along with three sliding doors, to produce a spaciou...

Perfect design of 2 storey prefabricated houses
Mar 28,2018

At only 15-wide, this 3-bed prefab house plan is ideal for your narrow.Upon entering, you will walk past the garage entrance, powder room...

This Innovative Tiny Home Take Sustainable Design to the Next Level
Mar 25,2018

One of the reasons the tiny home movement has taken off is that is ecologically conscientious.

What makes prefabricated buildings more and more popular?
Mar 21,2018

First, to realize the industrialization of the production plant component assembly architecture, component is equivalent to the standard products,&...

The longest way must have its close,Quality control keeps innovating
Jul 24,2018

Strictly control each process link.
Ensure that the products of HeYa are optimized in every detail.

Look At The Small Cute Prefab House Hot Selling - Heya Group
Oct 12,2019

Look At The Small Cute Prefab House Hot Selling - Heya Group Provide the best solutions for domestic and foreign customers and build a beautiful l...

Yangzi Petrochemical – BASF launches second plant of propionic acid production plant in Nanjing, Chi
Jun 18,2019

China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation (Sinopec) and BASF announced in Nanjing on May 31 that the second set of propionic acid of the joi...

CREC Makes Brilliant Achievements During the Second Belt and Road Forum
Jun 17,2019

The Second Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation was held successfully in Beijing recently, with the theme of Working Together to Deliv...

Inner Mongolia Xindema 40,000 tons / year modified PVA project started
Jun 15,2019

Inner Mongolia Xindema 40,000 tons / year modified PVA project started  On May 28th, the commencement ceremony of the 40,000 tons/ye...

CCCC-CHEC consortium wins bid for project of fourth bridge over Panama Canal
Apr 30,2019

On July 27, the CCCC-CHEC consortium won the bid for the project of the fourth bridge over the Panama Canal, with a contract amount of some US...

Reprint:CZEC’s Chairman Met with the President of Argentine National Atomic Energy Commission (NAEC)
Apr 29,2019

On March 6, CZEC’s chairman Yang Chaodong and vice president Ding Jian met with NAEC’s President Osvaldo Calzetta and Argentine nuclear fuel rese...

China's CCCC Wins $398MM Contract To Build Mombasa Oil Terminal
Apr 28,2019

NAIROBI, Sept 13 (Reuters) - China Communications Construction Co has won a $398 million contract to build a new oil terminal at Ken...

China ready made portable 20ft and 40ft designed folding prefab container movable house
Apr 27,2019

China ready made portable 20ft and 40ft designed folding prefab container movable house.

Prefab container panel houses made in china
Apr 27,2019

Prefabricated house is akind of light steel skeleton,sandwich panels for building materials,with the standard modulus series of space cooperation,t...

Chinese Enterprises Concentrating on the Design and Manufacture of Container Residence
Jul 27,2018

Container houses are a kind of building system that has hit the fashion trend again and again, and can be moved anywhere anytime to make more ...

Introduction of Heya FPB lightweight composite sandwich wall panel
May 17,2018

The fire resistance of FPB light composite sandwich wall panel at 1000 degrees Celsius is 4 hours non combustible to the national a grade...

Full of vigor and vitality of the young people refueling!
Jul 14,2018

I want to see more opportunities for young people.
Full of vigor and vitality of the young people refueling!
Fight for the dream!

What would you do if God gave you a beautiful house?
Jul 11,2018

Description of modular building system:
Modular Container Building System are mainly featured at all components and accessories can be prefabri...

Wish every client a smooth project!
Jul 02,2018

Last week, Heya International Group colleagues warmly welcomed customers who had come all the way to inspect the factory.
The two sides held h...

Warmly welcome customers from the Middle East to visit our factory
Jun 26,2018

Last week,our colleagues welcomed customers from the Middle East on a factory trip.
The customer is satisfied with our container products...

HEYA people actively carry out learning activities
Jun 25,2018

Actively carry out learning activities.
Business before pleasure, business before thought.
We will bring our customers and friends with hig...

What do you think of our new project prefab villa resort?
May 30,2018

Sincere professional service committed to prefabricated housing industry for decades.
Please bring your design and ideas to contact us quickly.

The group A sales team is preparing for the next project
May 28,2018

A drop of water will never dry up if it is put into the sea. It is only when he integrates himself with the collective cause that he can be most po...

Give Tiny House New Life in Living Color
Mar 18,2018

The two bedroom/ one bathroom house was given a bright blue coat of paint with lime green accents and flower boxes creating crazy curb appeal.

88 Square Meter Prefabricated House is Built in South Africa
May 21,2018

steel frame + 50mm rock wool sandwich panel,sliding door with veranda

Mountain Holiday Home Exhibiting a Contemporary Design Approach in Norway
Nov 24,2017

This mountain holiday home was especially envisioned as a contemporary retreat for a family of four. Situated near the village Geilo, a&n...

Simplicity In Material And Color Constructing An Urban Dream Home
Dec 28,2017

Floating on an urban lot and slightly sloping on one side to shape and underground garage, the house in Luxembourg rises from architects' visi...

A special elegant and energy efficient home waiting for you
Dec 24,2017

A barn-like house can help connect you to the rural dimension of life, especially when living in a secluded area. If you love modern home desi...

Introduces a steel structure office building
Dec 20,2017

The modern addition completes the existing building structure while creating an interesting contrast with the other homes in the neighborhood.The n...

Prefabricated Modern Family Home With Inspiring Design Features in Germany
Dec 15,2017

This is a prefabricated low-energy residence located in Hamburg, Germany. The residence was especially built for a couple and their two c...

Modern Residence in Brazil
Dec 14,2017

The kitchen opens into the social area so the visitors can participate in the preparation of meals (dissolution of the frontiers between spaces). U...

Sustainable Prefab Residence
Dec 10,2017

Solar domestic hot water supplements household systems and entirely heats the backyard lap pool; green construction saves money and resources,...

Ingeniously Designed Tiny House on Wheels
Dec 08,2017

“Tiny houses are one way in which the next generation will be able to overcome our country’s current economic disparity and ever-rising housing a...

Warm celebration Thailand client visited our group and reached a cooperation agreement
Dec 06,2017

Warm celebration Thailand client visited our group and reached a cooperation agreement.On December 4th, our staff warmly welcomed Mr Preecha a...

Cozy Holiday Atmosphere in a Small Swedish Summerhouse
Nov 29,2017

This is a summerhouse located on the coast of Sweden. The residence displays a modest exterior and a layout that is both practical a...

Volumetric Contemporary House Overlooking The Coast
Nov 27,2017

The several small terraces and exterior spaces aim to create a more airy inhabitable living space characterised by transparence and freedom. F...

Modern House Designed With Organizing Spaces In Mind
Jan 02,2018

Concrete is one of the most common materials here, and is used in a unique way – thin fiber cement surfaces form the kitchen countertops and ...

An Interesting Approach to Residential Architecture
Nov 20,2017

This project was developed under the motto:  “Good architecture is a place that its never easy to leave”. The architecture of the ...

Delightful Writer’s Studio and Guest House
Nov 15,2017

All creative spirits dream of a remote study room with just enough furniture elements to trigger that sense of comfort. 

Asymmetric Modern House in Norway for a Family of Four
Nov 13,2017

Now a playground for a family of four, this provocatively-designed home in the city’s historic district showcases its asymmetric geometr...

Urban Residence With Smart Privacy-Protecting Solutions
Nov 10,2017

Privacy was a strong point that had to be dealt with and the architects used a series of louvered panels and fencing to create a com...

Functional Elegance: Concept House Showcasing a Soothing Color Palette
Nov 06,2017

When looking for inspiration that would upgrade your ideas of the perfect living environment, apartments, villas or concept homes like the one you ...

Barn-Style Guesthouse Features an Element of Surprise
Nov 01,2017

The 2,400-square-foot project serves three purposes: it is a guesthouse for its many visitors looking to disconnect, a workout area for t...

Energy-Efficient Hillside Home Luxury Villa Prefab in Brazil
Oct 21,2017

How would you comment on the design features of this project? See any inspiring details?The construction preserved the existing trees and bamb...

Densely Greened Contemporary Family Residence In Vietnam
Oct 18,2017

A family with three young children needed an up-to-date residence where family life would revolve around the need for an open, inspiring cluster of...

Prefab Modular Serene Home in Bali
Sep 26,2017

Rounded corners are favoured over hard edges in order to infuse a softness to the imposing lines of the structure“. Would you personally defi...

Modern Californian Villa House Facing An Uninterrupted Landscape
Sep 22,2017

Designed to face an uninterrupted landscape exposed through large glass doors and windows, focuses on providing its inhabitants with spacious socia...

The Spring Festival is Coming!
Feb 07,2018

Wish all people happy Spring Festival!

A tiny house specially designed for children
Mar 12,2018

This 260-square foot tiny house sits in the middle of a farm and is used to host a group of children every summer for a yearly famil...

Four of the most popular prefabricated houses
Mar 08,2018

Prefabricated housing is a affordable way of living, which provides a high level of quality and a total customizable. 

One of the most popular luxury villas
Mar 06,2018

Located within Venice, California, is this recently completed home that features elements like a backyard guest suite, open-plan living, a&nbs...

Characteristics of Assembly Architecture
Mar 02,2018

a large number of building components, such as outer wall panels, inner wall panels, laminated panels, balconies, air conditioning panels, staircas...

A Glass Prefabricated House Linked to The Blue Sky and The Sea
Feb 28,2018

I have a house, facing the sea, and blooming flowers.

Your package is on the way
Feb 27,2018

Your package is on the way. Please pay attention to it.

Sustainable, Low-maintenance and Affordable Prefab House
Feb 26,2018

The whole building is highly insulated including double glazed windows throughout.All utilities connected to a tank water system which collect...

Pay tribute to minimalism
Mar 14,2018

Asymmetry is a main characteristic of the architectural plan, each point of view offering new and surprising geometrical shapes.

2018, A New Journey
Feb 23,2018

The new year, the new starting point, the new look, let us look forward to a better tomorrow, let us step on the journey again!

Important Announcement
Feb 08,2018

In order to long-term friendly cooperation with you,we are focusing on product quality.So you can trust us completely.

New Arrival:Ideal modular container dormitory prefab for College Students
Sep 21,2017

Container dormitory is a new type of house with new concept. It is the main idea of environmental protection and economy. Shandong HEYA Constr...

Construction and Application of Steel Frame Prefab House
Feb 06,2018

The Heya Company always adheres to the tenet of "Customer upmost, quality first, reasonable price and quality service". Welcome to visit our c...

Fire Prevention Measures for Container Houses
Feb 05,2018

With high quality, good reputation and quick action, we are sure that we can establish the best business partnership with every client.

Wooden House?Of Course Not!
Feb 02,2018

With high quality, good reputation and quick action, we are sure that we can establish the best business partnership with every client.

Work Silhouette about Heya Factory
Feb 01,2018

Chinese New Year is coming. Our workers are making every effort to produce, orderly work, provide high-quality prefabricated housing for our client...

A European Style Villa --- Designed by Whink
Jan 30,2018

All the houses we have issued can be provided for you. If you need more details of the design, please contact us at any time.And we can also custom...

2 Storey Luxury Prefabricated Steel Structure Villa --- Designed by Whink
Jan 27,2018

This 2 story precast steel structure villa is designed by Whink, our designer who has rich experience in design. If you want to know more deta...

Luxury Container Theme Restaurant --- Designed by Whink
Jan 24,2018

If you are interested in the prefabricated container restaurant, please click in.

Mobile Prefabricated Container Toilets
Jan 22,2018

Click in to get more details adout container toilets.

Welcome Australian Client to Visit the Factory
Jan 12,2018

Andy enthusiastically received customers from Australia and explored some of the details of the cooperation.

Good Times with Our Client
Jan 08,2018

Only good products and good services have more good partners.


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This prefabricated house labor camp in Saudi Arabia is supplied for Saudi Binladen Group King Saud University project ; which is composite wit...

As you know, the "container Hotel" not only shortens the construction period, saves the cost, but also can be recycled and used in the fu...

As the Bermuda project becomes an opportunity, we will strive for excellence even more. Have a nice day, all my dear friends! Rejoice for the ...

Saudi Arabia prefab labor house
container combination type box hotel project
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