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Introduces a steel structure office building

admin http://www.chinaheya.com 2017-12-20 15:21:10
“Roof top office” in Dudelange is a fascinating contemporary project from architecture and is also the headquarters for a prestigious company in Luxembourg . The modern addition completes the existing building structure while creating an interesting contrast with the other homes in the neighborhood. Here is more form the architects: The combination of different forms takes place with the help of grayscale gradients. The form follows the shades and vice versa. A subtle game. The interior design picks up the subtle interaction between colors and forms. The new mocks the old, color mocks shapes, straight lines the curved ones. The walls and ceilings of the new areas are designed completely in white. The design intents to produce a bizarre empty space in which only the gradients generate forms and movement. We really liked this detailed description as we find it strangely similar to a contemporary art work review and we are certain that this is not just accidental.