> Modern Prefab Steel Structure House With a Sense of Verticality
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Modern Prefab Steel Structure House With a Sense of Verticality

admin http://www.chinaheya.com 2017-12-18 11:16:59
This neat and elegant home, with a sense of verticality, in one of Chicago’s tranquil neighbourhoods. The property is located nearby the Lake Michigan. It boasts several types of materials, creating a dynamic and visually attractive exterior. The house features three levels and a terrace with a view. As soon as you step inside the house, you observe the high quality of materials used in defining it and the attention to details. The atmosphere is very relaxing and the living space is welcoming. White dominates the interior. The living room features a high ceiling, floor-to-ceiling windows and an imposing zig–zagging staircase, which allows vertical circulation throughout the house.

To create a fluid space and let the place breathe, the architects chose to unite the kitchen with the living room. A wonderful fireplace adds a sense of sophistication and romance, making the interior glow and feel warm. The kitchen is simple, minimalistic and equipped with everything needed. The upper floors accommodate the bedrooms. One of the house’s biggest assets is the view, from the upper level. You can always enjoy a beautiful sunset, overviewing the city’s skyline, in a relaxing atmosphere.