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Reprint:President of Afghanistan Witnesses the Signing of Contract for Road Repair and Renovation Pr

  • Source:CRBC
  • Release on:2019-05-13

On January 8, witnessed by Ashraf Ghani – President of Afghanistan and Danish – the second vice president of Afghanistan, CRBC President Lu Shan and Mahmoud Baligh – Minister of Public Utilities of Afghanistan signed the contract for Dar-i-Suf-Yakawlang 178km-long Road Repair and Renovation Project in the Presidential Palace in Kabul.

Mahmoud Baligh - Minister of Public Utilities of Afghanistan said he was happy to carry out cooperation with CRBC, and that after this project was completed, it would greatly promote the economic development of Central and North Afghanistan, drive the local employment, improve the local traffic environment, provide convenience for the life of local people and help the government to transport and develop the mines the local mineral resources.

President Lu Shan said CRBC would make careful plan and conduct effective management, try to do well this project, and in coordination with the practice of the “belt and road” initiative in Afghanistan, CRBC would make the project really benefit the government and people of Afghanistan and make contributions to the post-war reconstruction and economic development of Afghanistan.

After the ceremony, President Lu Shan accepted the interview of Xinhua News Agency. The local mainstream media, as well as Xinhua News Agency, CCTV and People’s Daily covered the contract signing ceremony successively.

Dar-i-Suf-Yakawlang Road Repair and Renovation Project passes through 37 villages and is 178km long. This project is the vital communication line connecting Bamyan and Samangan in North Afghanistan, and also an important component of Afghanistan National South-North Corridor Plan. This has been the largest contracting project with the highest contract amount of the Chinese enterprises in Afghanistan in recent years.