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More than half of the first phase of the largest coal-fired power station in Bangladesh built by Chi

  • Source:People's Daily
  • Release on :2019-05-11

In a small fishing village called Payala on the Bay of Bengal, a coal-fired power station is being built with the roar of construction machinery. This is the location of the Payala coal-fired power station, the largest coal-fired power station under construction in Bangladesh. The No. 1 boiler up to 86 meters has been capped, and the No. 2 boiler is being installed tightly. Up to now, the coal-fired power station project, which was contracted by China Energy Construction Group Northeast Electric Power First Engineering Co., Ltd. (referred to as Dongdian No. 1 Company), is progressing smoothly. The total installed capacity of the first phase of the project is 1,320 MW, which has been completed 53.2. %. In order to light up the lights in Bangladesh, Chinese builders are working hand in hand with local Bangladeshi workers.

“This is the best site to work I have seen in the past 30 years.”