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Isolation camp construction under China Speed

cctvnewscente 2021-01-19 14:11:25

At the critical stage of covid-19 prevention and control, Isolation is necessary.

Isolation Site of Huangzhuang Apartment in Shijiazhuang, Hebei

Construction is in full swingthis is one types of isolation in hospital - the container camp.  

Here is the construction around the clock, racing against time


As of 16:00 on January 17, the main body of the first batch of 1,008 sets of container houses has been completed

What is "China Speed"?

Here will give you the answer

January 13

Huangzhuang Apartment starts construction

300 workers enter the construction site

More than a dozen transport vehicles, graders, forklifts and other engineering equipment are in place

The first batch of 600 integrated houses have been delivered to Zhengding County

January 14

Concrete pouring started in the first phase

Constructors assemble integrated houses



January 15

Only 51 hours to complete the power construction task and successfully transmit power

More than 3,000 workers completed the infrastructure construction overnight

Over 300 houses assembled on the same day

January 16

Some "apartments" have basically taken shape

On-site room layout has begun to take shape

January 17

The first batch of 1,008 sets of container houses were completed

Some air conditioners and water heaters have been installed in place

Huangzhuang Apartment increased from 510 acres to 700 acres

The number of isolated rooms from the original 3000

Increased to 4160 rooms

At present, the first batch of isolation rooms has entered the end of internal installation

98 hours, the first batch of buildings was successfully delivered

51 hours, the isolation point is fully powered

36 hours, the first 5G base station opened

Behind the frequently refreshed "China Speed"

Is a simple figure of laborers

They use tooling to make war armor, and use action to fight the epidemic

He broke his voice because of the command

The "silent" answer is distressing

As the first batch of builders to work, Liu Chenghong, 39 years old this year, slept sporadicly for less than 3 hours in 48 hours. Due to the continuous command and communication, his voice became hoarse and he faced reporters. His almost "silent" answer is distressing

His face is muddy, he has no time to wipe it

Simply eat two meals and continue to work

On the construction site, busy builders can be seen everywhere

Because the concrete paving has been going on

The rain boots on their feet can no longer see the original color, and their dark faces are splashed with large and small mud spots. Due to the fast pace of work, they can't take care of washing their faces.

Shortly after birth

He was on the front line of the war epidemic

On January 5, China Railway Construction Electrification Bureau

Son of Hu Lichun, Chief Engineer of Shijiazhuang Metro Project

Super premature birth, still under observation in the hospital

On January 13, Hu Lichun received a notice

Support the construction of the isolation site of Shijiazhuang Huangzhuang Apartment

Since I haven't met my son yet

To reassure Hu Lichun who is fighting on the front line

Recently, the hospital specially arranged a special "meeting" for the father and son

CCTV Hot Comment

From the leveling of the soil slope, the hardened ground, the lifting and unloading of the board room, to the simultaneous construction of power supplies, 5G signals, and supporting facilities... The construction of centralized isolation sites in Shijiazhuang has made many words that have been circulating on the Internet since last year return to In our minds.

There is no such thing as an "infrastructure madman", but a group of flesh-and-blood bodies desperately trying to fight the epidemic.

The so-called "Chinese speed" is nothing but a group of kind and brave people who put on armor and move forward silently with the blessings of everyone.

There is no Superman in this world. Some are just a group of mortal bodies, with love and responsibility embodied in their hearts, and they are built with flesh and blood.

It is these words that speak out the essence of "Chinese speed". Time waits for no one, virus waits for no one; but Hebei is not alone, Shijiazhuang is not alone. The 1.4 billion people of the country are united, uniting the Chinese forces of love and responsibility, and waiting for the inflection point of the Shijiazhuang epidemic to come.

▌Source of this article: CCTV News (ID: cctvnewscenter)

[Source: CCTV News]

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