> How About The Soundproofing of the Light Steel Villa?
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How About The Soundproofing of the Light Steel Villa?

2021-06-23 14:48:20
The protection of the green environment, energy saving and the reduction of emissions, the efficient construction ... compared to traditional buildings, the buildings in the light steel building are very valued by the construction industry due to its many advantages. But there are also many people who call into question if light steel is not strong enough and that the walls are empty and are not soundproofed. It's true? Follow the editorToday to take a look.


The steel villa adopts multi-layer composite walls, which not only save the precious construction area occupied by traditional voluminous walls, but also uses different materials, different thicknesses and multilayer structures to obtain a better solid isolation performance. The floor structure is also the same, which is fully compliant with national load requirements.

Is the light in light steel robust?


TheThe standard live load value for the general residential houses is 200 kg / m2. Light steel structure houses can meet the rental requirements of the houses.

Since light rigid materials are manufactured through the treatment of factories, the structure of the structure of the light steel structure is very compact. A villa constructed in light steel is composed of almost a thousand components, each component that the error is not less than two millimeters. In this way the capacity of the load of the light steel structure is guaranteed, which cannot be reached with brick concrete houses.


Light steel floor system

The floor of
The structure of the light steel structure is generally composed of a steel frame of cold walls or a composite radius, a structural OSB plate plate, supports, connectors, etc. The materials used are oriented on the edge of the wire, the edge of cement fiber and plywood. The light steel floor can bear a weight of 316-365 kg per square meter. Many people on the second floor or in the previous one must not worry about collapse, because the capacity of the load of the light steel house is better than that of the traditional house. Not only that, the weight of the light steel floor structure system is only 1/4 to 1/6 of the traditional domestic concrete floor system, but the height of the floor structure will be 0.1 higher than that of normal Concrete slab. ~ 0.12 meters.


Light steel light is soundproofed?

Take the outer wall of the structure of the structure in light steel as an example: the outermost material is the edge, which is an integrated paper for the decoration and inner and external insulation of the wall, the innermost material is the painted plaster e The choice of the intermediate layer. The polyurethane insulating material can effectively consume energy when the sound penetrates the wall. The sound insulation of the outer wall of the villa in bright steel is greater than 55 decibels, and the interior wall of the wall can be built according to different needs. The highest sound insulation can reach 66 decibels, which exceeds the acoustic insulation standard of the National Five-Star Hotel.


The sound source


It is transmitted directly through the air or through the structure of the fence as a flat sound.

The impact or vibration causes the structure of the container and sound vibrate is the sound born from the structure.

Acoustic insulation method

1. Treatment of the elastic cushion, to reduce vibrations between the surface layer and the structure level.

2. Treatment of the floor ceiling: when the integral and vibrating floor plate is reached, the air sound isolation method is used to reduce the generation of ground plates. Solid sound.


Light steel insulation measures.

● The use of absorbent material.

● Insulating materials.

● necessary measures to build a combination of


The light steel structure houses a combination of noise.

The sound pressure of the floor impact ≤70dB, but between the light steel villa, including the walls and barriers of the floor that fills the glass wool effectively prevents the audio part transmitted through the air and the sound of the transmitted impact Through solids, experiments I showed that filling of glass fiber wool wool wool further improves the acoustic insulating effect of light steel villas, which can reach more than 50 dB.

Acoustic wall insulation of the house in light steel (wall thickness 160 mm) is 65 dB; the

Acoustic inner wall in the light steel house (the wall thickness is 140 mm) is 44 dB;

The wall of the light steel building adopts a multilayer composite wall of different materials. Through the different media, the sound is completely attenuated, in order to obtain an effective sound insulation.


Acoustic wall insulation system.

a. The wall is full of fiberglass surface and the outer wall is covered with insulating panel, which has a good thermal storage, thermal insulation and acoustic insulation functions.

B. Respiratory paper is waterproof and breathable, which can effectively regulate domestic air humidity, make life more comfortable and can effectively prevent mold growth on the wall.


Sound sound isolation system.

a. The general structure composed of structural panels and steel beams for floors is firm and stable.

. B. Several water pipes and electricity are hidden in the floor structure without occupying the floor space.

C. Fill the intersistal with fiberglass cotton, which has considerable effects of heat storage, thermal insulation and sound insulation.


Many people unconsciously think that light steel houses have a poor sound insulation and are not strong. In fact, they mainly depend on materials. In general, the sound insulation and polished steel loading systems that use high quality materials are very complete, and the sound insulation even reaches the standard of a five-star hotel. You can give users a comfortable and peaceful life experience, and it really reaches the standard of an ideal home, and has become the choice of many people to build houses.