> Why we use container house construct an isolation hospital?
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Why we use container house construct an isolation hospital?

heya 001 2020-04-25 10:14:30

Why we use container house construct an isolation hospital?

What is the purpose of isolation?

The purpose of isolation is to cut off the route of transmission in the infection chain,

protect susceptible persons, and ultimately control or eliminate the source of infection.

Therefore, it is an important measure to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

From a medical point of view, the goal of "isolation" is to prevent

the spread of infection and ultimately eliminate or control the source of infection.

That is to prevent and limit the infectious factors of infected patients directly

or indirectly to susceptible persons,

or to those who may pass on such factors to others, and at the same time,

enable infected patients to receive timely treatment under control and return to health as soon as possible.

Why choose container house?

In the construction field, it is called an assembled modular container house,

also known as a container building or a container house.

It is a single room as a prefabricated unit.

The external wall panels and interior decoration of each unit are shipped to the factory after completion.

A building structure to be installed on site.

Compared with the traditional building structure, the container house has the following advantages:

(1) Convenient transportation, installation and movement, flexible combination;

(2) The cost is low and it can be completed quickly;

(3) The house can be recycled, and no construction waste is generated during use;

(4) The interior is completely renovated and can be used immediately.

Admittedly, it is precisely because of the advantages of rapid assembly

and baggage check-in that the container house

can be delivered to the Huoshenshan(Fire God Mountain) hospital within 10 days.