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What makes prefabricated buildings more and more popular?

  • Author:admin
  • Source:www.chinaheya.com
  • Release on :2018-03-21

First, to realize the industrialization of the production plant component assembly architecture, component is equivalent to the standard products, and transported to the site can be directly installed, can be said to be convenient and fast, in the second counts rush period construction field, especially the superiority of the There is nothing comparable to this;
The second is that the component is standardized in the factory, the quality is more guaranteed than the field production, and it can be effectively controlled.
Third, the amount of material used for turnover is relatively reduced, and the cost of leasing is reduced.
The fourth is that the reduction of field work is very beneficial to environmental protection.
Fifth, standardized production can save materials and reduce waste.
Sixth, the high standard degree of mechanization of the component reduces the staffing of the site, and is helpful in the cost of labor and the safety of production.