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Prefabricated Luxurious Modern Home Composed of Three Horizontal Volumes : Riverhouse Niagara

  • Author:Admin
  • Source:www.chinaheya.com
  • Release on:2017-08-02

Riverhouse Niagara is a modern architecture project developed by Zerafa Studio and located in Ontario, Canada. The two-story residence has a total surface of 5000 square feet and unobstructed river views across the full width of the property. Here is more from the architects: “The house is comprised of three distinct horizontal volumes. The building’s north south massing is defined by 2 overlaid rectangular shells within which the glass, cedar and granite clad volumes for the interior living spaces are placed and a series of voids create covered exterior terraces. The shells are clad in silver metal panel and are mostly opaque to provide privacy from adjacent properties to the north and south. The open east and west ends of the shells reveal the River and garden views.” We invite you to take a virtual tour of this imposing home and tell us if there are any details you believe are worth emphasizing on.