> Scenic Rural Home in Montana: Prefab Farm Residence
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Scenic Rural Home in Montana: Prefab Farm Residence

Admin www.chinaheya.com 2017-07-31 10:14:08

Stock Farm Residence was designed by studio Locati Architects and is located in the small town of Hamilton, Montana, USA. The rustic appearance and the scenic environments make this single story home give away a peaceful feel. According to the architects, the project is designed in three parts in order to separate the more public from the private spaces. The main living spaces are centrally located, with the outer branches of the house accommodating the more private areas such as the bedrooms and owner’s art studio. Each section of the home is linked by hallways of abundant glass to once again maximize the amazing views. A key element of the Stock Farm Residence is the centrally located covered patio. This patio is the ultimate gathering place including a built-in barbecue, dining area, and nearby fire pit. Another important part of the project is an art studio, which can be entirely opened towards the surrounding landscape, for inspiration.