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One of the most popular luxury villas

admin www.chinaheya.com 2018-03-06 17:21:21
Located within Venice, California, is this recently completed home that features elements like a backyard guest suite, open-plan living, a swimming pool, and a sunken outdoor lounge.
Welcoming you the home, designed by Electric Bowery, is a landscaped path leading you to a large wooden door that stands out within its surroundings.
Once inside, the floor plan is open with the dining, living room, kitchen, and library all sharing the space.
Back into the main living area, there’s the dining space, which is stepped down from the living room.
A wood ceiling is featured through the main living area, and flows from the inside to the outside covered dining area.
In the backyard, there’s a swimming pool, outdoor dining area, kitchen, and a sunken lounge area surrounding a firepit, all perfect for entertaining.
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