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Four of the most popular prefabricated houses

admin www.chinaheya.com 2018-03-08 16:55:36
Prefabricated housing is a affordable way of living, which provides a high level of quality and a total customizable. They are built in accordance with strict building codes to ensure their safety, durability and energy efficiency.
The home that needs to be made can be constructed according to the custom. They are combined with the best homes, various performance standards. Air conditioning, construction, electrical and thermal systems, energy saving, fire safety, heating, piping, structural design, even transportation from the factory to the destination. In addition, the construction has also been carried out in accordance with the place, they will be located in the national building code. The different stages of the modular manufacturing process are made up of third parties to ensure the quality control inspection during the construction period. At the time of completion, the third party provides a certified manufacturer, which is established in compliance with the approved plan and all applicable building regulations.
Look at the following four prefabricated houses,