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Delightful Writer’s Studio and Guest House

admin http://www.chinaheya.com 2017-11-15 16:07:54
All creative spirits dream of a remote study room with just enough furniture elements to trigger that sense of comfort. This is the case with the writer’s studio below. Part of a larger property, including a main house completed in 1986 and large green spaces, the 448 square-foot rectangle-shaped dwelling also provides space for visitors coming over during week-ends.

The project is structured on two levels, and according to the architects, its form was inspired : “The lower level has a two-story entry space, sleeping niche, laundry, toileting, and shower. A stair leads to an upper level study and sleeping loft. The guest house is rotated 90 degrees over its foundation, creating cantilevered corners floating just above the ground. Transferred to a small structure the cleaving of the corners offered a unique way of both entering and lighting the interior“. The layout is particularly interesting, as you can see in the house plans attached at the end of the post. [Photography: Tom Rossiter]