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Construction of the first modern railway in Guinea under investigation and design in China

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  • Release on:2019-05-07

It was learned from China Railway Construction Co., Ltd. that on March 29, the Guinea-Dutch Railway, which was surveyed and designed by China Railway First Survey and Design Institute, was successfully started. This is the first modern railway built in Guinea for nearly half a century. In the words of the Minister of Mines and Minerals of Guinea, Margsububa, "The last railway construction in China was in 1974, when I was not born."

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According to the website of the Ministry of Commerce, this railway was invested and built by the Win Alliance. The Guinea Win Alliance is a consortium of four enterprises including Shandong Weiqiao Venture Group, Yantai Port Group, Singapore Wei Li International, and Guinea UMS Logistics and Transportation Company. .

According to China Customs statistics, in January 2019, China's bauxite imports amounted to 7.89 million tons, of which bauxite imports from Guinea reached 4.26 million tons, accounting for 54%.