> Vivid Atmosphere In And Around This Unique Prefab Orange House
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Vivid Atmosphere In And Around This Unique Prefab Orange House

Admin www.chinaheya.com 2017-07-18 09:22:20

Located in Ankara, Turkey, the bold orange color displayed by this residence stands at the base of its name – the Orange House. Turkish studio Yazgan Design Architecture envisioned the house rising three stories in the air and composing a collection of spaces gathering views of the surrounding urban developments and the Middle East Technical University forest. The steep site occupied by the house was recreated to suit the inhabitant’s needs and wishes and offer them the best possible layout for daily activities. Displaying its beautiful details over as surface of 1,050 square meters, the orange residential construction made of steel is best described by its designers: “The program is based on the development of flexible relationships between diverse inputs of design, such as, materials, program elements, demands of users, dimensional requirements, site peculiarities, Ankara climate and its habitat, architects and engineers involved with the project.

The building is the product of a flexible-systematic process without losing the initial idea. The building design is based on surfaces that develop an exterior-interior space relation between autonomous rooms, and an initial diagram concerning the circulation connecting these rooms. All rooms reflect the specific needs of employers in their design. For instance, dining room is dimensioned with reference to the existing Persia carpet belonging to the users.” Glass and water features were combined to shape a striking outdoor display that unifies the design and participate in creating a fascinating residential property. Take a look at the photos to shape an idea of this home’s uniqueness and bold architectural statement.