> Urban Residence With Smart Privacy-Protecting Solutions
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Urban Residence With Smart Privacy-Protecting Solutions

admin http://www.chinaheya.com 2017-11-10 11:03:28

The Palms Residence is an urban contemporary residence located in Venice, California. The narrow lot challenged to design a private home on an infill lot. A small courtyard and garden space ingeniously connects the interiors to the exterior, while large windows overlooking the private yard were combined with a series of clerestory windows capturing light without interfering with the inhabitant’s privacy. Improving the client’s lifestyle by creating a strong relationship between the site, materials and spaces, architects constructed a cozy home displaying custom walnut casework in the living room and kitchen, built-in beds and stylish casework in the bedrooms and beautiful cedar siding on the exterior. Concrete floors cover the first level, while the second floor was decorated with eco-timber hickory floors. Privacy was a strong point that had to be dealt with and the architects used a series of louvered panels and fencing to create a comfortable and private atmosphere.