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Simplicity In Material And Color Constructing An Urban Dream Home

  • Author:admin
  • Source:http://www.chinaheya.com
  • Release on:2017-12-28
This home is a perfect example of a relaxing urban dream home. Overhangs formed out of different sized volumes and some partly covered with privacy-protecting timber slats, blinds and curtains compose a vivid symphony of playful volumes fashionably offering a set of bright interiors. Open towards the back garden views, the rooms were given a seamless connection to the outdoors while maintaining a simple material palette that aims at placing the focus on the views rather than interior details. Clean and simple, with the accent on family life, House THE provokes the mind to take a step back and enjoy a fascinating array of elegant, versatile spaces designed for the owner’s enjoyment. The street facade hints towards an exemplary suite of private and public spaces where natural light coming from floor-to-ceiling windows and skylights floods the interiors and focuses the views on the surroundings.