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Prefab container panel houses made in china

2019-04-27 12:21:53

Why choose Container House as camp ?
A, Pefabrication
Safety, quality control, fast delivery
1) production and field work carried out at the same time, shorten the construction period
2) production in a controlled environment plant
3) eliminates the adverse effects, such as: the outside world because of the weather delay time limit for a project
4) field interference is minimal, to improve the safety of the user and site owners
5) quick installation

Product standard, simple, easy to be adjusted according to customer requirements
1) infinite transverse connection, longitudinal layer is up to three
2) indoor layout design according to the customer requirements
3) project during use can flexibly adjust
4) outside the house beautiful degree can be customized according to customer demand

C:Energy saving and environmental protection
1) uphold environmental protection concept in the module housing design and choice of materials
2) product prefabricated ensures zero waste site
3) after the project, the module housing can be easily removed, to restore the original appearance of the site
4) because of the module housing can be reused in different projects for many times, thus realizing the sustainable development of the real business model

Procurement and Manufacture for all material for prefabricated building. We have a professional procurement team to make sure all the materials are with good quality. And our factory operation under ISO/CE/SGS standard, to make sure the fabrication works with high technology.