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Nestled in a Lush Forest Energy Saving Prefab Steel Frame House

  • Author:admin
  • Source:http://www.chinaheya.com
  • Release on :2017-10-14

The House is a remodeling project of an existing mid-century dwelling. The main objective when building this contemporary home was to develop a nature embedded residence, reminiscent of playful childhood times: “MA&D reconstructed this mid-century kit house, taking advantage of its location by creating a bedroom nestled in the treetops. A glass connector bridge links the bedroom to the rest of the house. This house reflects our focus on romanticism. Trees and bridges evoke peace, solitude and memories of the escapes of childhood.” From where we are standing, the design of this home is partially youthful, partially elegant and sober. The interiors display a minimalist approach, spiced up with WPC details, which add a welcoming feel. Enjoy the virtual tour and tell us what you believe are the details that make this crib inviting.