> Functional Elegance: Concept House Showcasing a Soothing Color Palette
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Functional Elegance: Concept House Showcasing a Soothing Color Palette

admin http://www.chinaheya.com 2017-11-06 16:03:36

When looking for inspiration that would upgrade your ideas of the perfect living environment, apartments, villas or concept homes like the one you are about to see hold details you need. Located in Munich, Germany, the concept house known as Poing House. Spreading over 1,184 square feet, the showcase home points out to important features a modern home should incorporate. This fine piece of contemporary architecture marries quality of living and advanced technologies for the home. The Poing House’s design gives us an idea of what functionality and contemporary elegance look put together.

Luxurious and inviting, this plus-energy house expresses Bauhaus influences, extending over two floors within a volumetric frame. Sheltered under a flat roof, the social and private living areas provoke senses with an eye-catching mix of colors, materials and decorations. Offering an ingeniously functional floor-plan, the concept home creates a harmonious collection of spaces reduced to its essence.

Built-in furniture optimizes the spaces while harmony rules over this piece of land. Do you see yourself living in a place like this?