> Energy-Efficient Hillside Home Luxury Villa Prefab in Brazil
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Energy-Efficient Hillside Home Luxury Villa Prefab in Brazil

admin http://www.chinaheya.com 2017-10-21 10:59:23

A modern two story home is located in Brazil. According to the architects, “the construction preserved the existing trees and bamboos defining the entrance, enhancing the volume, the 3,60 m overhangs and the transparent frames, improving the transparency and to privilege the visual integration between the inside and the outside. The abundant transparency required, however, solutions to control the incidence of light, with thermal acoustic tiles, hidden by plate bands, are on the entire roof to improve the building’s comfort and energy efficiency. The house also has sewage treatment, solar heater, cross ventilation, windows with heat control, polystyrene insulation, digital control of lighting, recycled wood, among other measures that make this building less harmful for the environment, and a great home.” How would you comment on the design features of this project? See any inspiring details?