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Do you want to build temporary housing for workers in the construction site?

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  • Source:www.chinaheya.com
  • Release on:2018-05-23
Do you want to build temporary housing for workers in the construction site? Is it a good choice for purchasing movable houses, or a good container house? From a professional point of view, we distinguish between the movable house and the container house.
First of all, we must make sure that the movable houses and container houses belong to prefabricated house with many common points.
1. movable house and container house are all made of steel structure as main material.
2. both of them belong to prefabricated products. They are transported to the construction site to be assembled and constructed after the factory is processed.
3. both are cheap and highly cost effective. They are more suitable for construction sites and camp projects.
4. both have better wind resistance and better adaptability to topography.
There are also some differences between the movable house and the container house.
1. Installation process is different. The installation of the container house is to weld the bottom frame first, then weld the whole house frame, then weld the walls and the smallpox, and then lay the floor and install the water and electricity of the doors and windows. The construction process of the movable house is to build the foundation(generally reinforced concrete foundation); then the main frame of the movable hosue is first attached to the column, then the frame is connected with the transverse beam, the upper partition board, the outer wall plate and the door and window frame, and the floor, then the upper layer, and then the roof and roof panel;finally,Install doors and windows, pull vertical support. Comparatively speaking, the installation process of four in one container house is simpler and more uniform, and the stability of the movable house is better.
2. Links are different. The whole house frame of container house is welded by steel. It is very strong and will not fall apart. It will be more windproof and earthquake resistant than movable house. Moreover, the ceiling of the wall is welded and fixed on the frame of the movable house, so the structure is not easy to fall apart, and the wall panels do not peel off the cracks.
3. The main body of the movable house is mainly to use the bolt link. In the installation process, the screws of each part should be tightened so as to avoid the loose frame of the movable house after the screw loosening. The partitions and wall panels of the movable house are mounted on the main body of the movable rooms in a mosaic mode. This way is easy to fall apart, and the wires are clamped before and after the wall panels.
From the above, The movable house and the container house is different, and each has its own advantages. The consumer can decide whether to choose the movable house or the container house according to the specific needs. Heya production of movable house, container house has the advantages of fast installation, convenient movement, many times of turnover, long life and so on. It can be widely used in the field of large construction engineering, commercial, civil and military fields, with a very wide range of uses.