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Waterfront Modern Home with Luxurious Design Features

Admin www.chinaheya.com 2017-08-30 17:04:18

We received some photos and information about a contemporary home from Blueprint Designs. Here is the press release we were sent: "The owners of this luxury waterfront home were looking for a modern building design that suit canal water front living. They also wanted the house design to give the appearance of a two story home but without the price. The solution was to build a home with a central atrium that provides both light and ventilation as well giving the look. The design uses parapet walls, stone cladding, matrix sheeting and perspex paneling to the garage door. This gives the home a ultra modern feel that the owners were looking for. When entering the home the main breezeway broadens when proceeding into the living areas. Open living areas provide a vista of views of the waterfront.

The modern feel of the kitchen keeps the same recessed lines used in the exterior facade helping to tie in a theme to the rest of the building. The Kitchen is also equipped with a scullery and has direct access to the outdoor barbecue and alfresco areas. The design includes 4 bedrooms, music room, family and dining as well as the triple garage. Energy efficiency is also excellent using a 3.0Kva solar photo-voltaic system and gas appliances giving a quarterly power bill under $ 50.00 ". Does this type of modern home appeal to you?