> The art of concealment: Melbourne’s Trojan House
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The art of concealment: Melbourne’s Trojan House

admin http://www.chinaheya.com 2017-11-22 15:42:34

As you walk past the Trojan Home on the streets of Melbourne, you may not find much appealing in this monotonous wooden giant. But just like the name suggests, a whole new world awaits on the inside. With its lavish and sweeping interiors that are insulated with perfection, a thermal chimney that keeps the home’s temperature balanced, passive cooling and a rain screen for extra shade in the summer, the home is truly unique on its own. The most astonishing aspect of the structure is the three children’s bedrooms that have been cantilevered above a large living space, and that amazing kitchen. Truly a lot more than what meets the eye, isn’t it?