> Sculptural Home in Munich Built Using Prefabricated Materials
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Sculptural Home in Munich Built Using Prefabricated Materials

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Envisioned and implemented by German Architects, House 11 x 11 gives the overall impression of a small, compact home. The 1,960 square foot (182 square meters) contemporary abode in Munich, Germany, was especially developed to serve the needs of a family, in an area that captures the serenity of natural elements. According to the architects, “House 11 x 11 is an icon for its users, symbolic and built with a new method of construction: the exterior walls and the wooden roof made of prefabricated elements are covered by a vertical wood-lamella facade without counter-battens, converging on the ridge of the roof. A pronounced graphic character is the result, reinforced by the variable density and very precise setting of the lamellae, including the integration of the wooden window frames”. The inner layout is based on continuity and the core of the house is an open plan living area, characterized by a minimalist, yet inviting design.