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Prefabricated New Model Luxury Villa Sustainable West 21st House

  • Author:Admin
  • Source:Heya official website
  • Release on:2017-06-17

West 21st House is a sustainable family residence located in Vancouver, Canada. Outdoor patios and gardens at every level define this home and ensure a good indoor-outdoor connection. Here is more from the architects: “Designed and oriented for passive solar usage the project also employs ultra high efficiency windows, solar hot water heating and a high performance heating / cooling system, including heat recovery that allow the home to operate with low energy consumption. The careful selection of appliances, plumbing fixtures, and lighting also reduce energy and water consumption. Interior elements, such as flooring and millwork, include recycled materials and low/no emission finishes. Planters on the roof reduce heat reflectance and rainwater runoff”. The exteriors pay tribute to modern design and inspire openness and flexibility. Have a look!