> Prefab Steel Frame Contemporary Single-Level Home Luxury Design
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Prefab Steel Frame Contemporary Single-Level Home Luxury Design

Admin www.chinaheya.com 2017-09-14 10:55:53

Architects completed the design of an intriguing looking project. Due to site restrictions- it is forbidden for the buildings in the area to exceed four meters in height- the architects came up with a plan for a practical single-level residence. As for the structure of this beach family crib, here is some information from the project developers: “The house is devised as two intimate rammed earth sleeping wings that meet at the glazed pavilion that is the main living area. The roof hovers over this area and folds down to the western horizon to proved afternoon sun protection. The main external living areas are focused on the North East courtyard, with borrowed views of the ocean through the glazed living area.” All the materials used in the construction process were adapted to the marine environment: copper cladding and rammed walls are just some of the measures applied to ensure the durability of the building. [Photography: Patrick Bingham-Hall ]