> Prefab Simple-Shaped Contemporary Steel Structure House Luxury
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Prefab Simple-Shaped Contemporary Steel Structure House Luxury

Admin Heya official website 2017-06-12 10:13:56

  House in Jozefow is a two story, modern home, designed by studio ZAG Architekci and located in Jozefow, Poland. The architecture plan aimed at maximizing the beautiful views over the nearby Lodz Hills Landscape Park, while paying tribute to simplicity and functionality: “We came up with a simple form laid out on the plan of a prolonged rectangle, covered with a gable roof. The whole day zone, including the living room, the dining room and the kitchen, was designed as a single space opening with large picture windows to the south, over a spacious terrace and a beautiful view. The night zone, that is the bedroom with a bathroom and the dressing room are located in the eastern part of the building. The rooms in the northern part: the study, the laundry room, a bathroom and two guest rooms upstairs do not need to be so brightly lit”. How would you comment on the exterior design of this home? Find it elegant?