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Modern Residential Architecture Displayed

admin http://www.chinaheya.com 2017-10-30 09:38:35
Catching the attention of passers-by with its imposing white architecture, the Lotus House rises two stories in the air, just enough to create a stunning first impression. Its two stories were designed to wrap around a pond with a natural spring and combine modern architecture and a comfortable lifestyle. Located in Country Heights, Kajang, Malaysia, this residence is made of the main living volume spreading over two floors and an additional guest pavilion connected to the main building via an elongated covered walkway. Operating with as much natural light as possible, the architects of 29 Design imagined this residence embracing its ascension to the sky by displaying a set of very organized, carefully placed vertical lines. Seen on the front facade, sides and defining the connection between interiors and exterior on the garden side, these vertical windows filter natural light for the living spaces and acts as beacons during nighttime. No wonder the interiors are so bright!