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Mobile Prefabricated Container Toilets

admin www.chinaheya.com 2018-01-22 15:28:20

The container type toilet adopts the international popular design, which is novel and beautiful, has small area and is flexible.

(1) the container type toilet adopts international popular design, which is novel and beautiful, small area and flexible.

(2) the product has good sealing performance, waterproof, pollution-free, high strength, convenient transportation and installation, and the service life is longer than 20 years. The product is lightweight and stable, and can be used repeatedly. The welded steel frame is used to meet the strength requirements of regular movement and hoisting. The surface of the frame is sprayed for the special antirust primer and finish of the container. No joint on the surface of the product, smooth and smooth, easy to clean, easy to maintain. The surface of FRP has good corrosion resistance, such as acid, alkali, salt fog and so on. It is suitable for all kinds of wet and corrosive environment.

(3) FRP itself has good anti-collision performance. Its specific strength is greater than that of steel, and its bending resistance is good. The general impact will not cause damage to its surface.

(4) easy maintenance: no obvious signs of repair repair after treatment, which is made of steel, aluminum plate can not be compared. Environmental protection: there is no volatile and corrosion resistant material on the surface of FRP, and green environmental protection.

(5) it is applicable to public places such as cities, living quarters, tourist areas and so on.