> Environmentally Conscious Prefab Home Built Using Reclaimed Materials
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Environmentally Conscious Prefab Home Built Using Reclaimed Materials

admin http://www.chinaheya.com 2017-10-10 11:35:53
Surrounded by an 18 hectare property, the Residence in the small town , displays a single story architectural body emerged from the original building mixed with modern design to shape the evolution story behind this now contemporary farmhouse. Rising from an orchard-defined surrounding, the residence “aims to reflect in miniature the site as a whole and its history.” The old existing dam – once the center of entertainment for kids – was integrated into the structure by connecting it to a pond in front of the house. Wrapping around a central courtyard, the living spaces were designed to be somehow part of the garden, creating a surprising connection with the help of modern technologies. This is how sustainability became part of the project, as Architects describe it: “The home itself is far more environmentally conscious than its predecessor, with low energy lighting predominant, solar water heating, over 60 000 liters of water storage, and built with timber taken from the site and from fire breaks cut through the bushland. The timber was milled and finished on site and makes up all of the exposed timber as well as the flooring and much of the sub structure. The house is a reflection in miniature of the workings, life, and history of the farm and the family that continue to take enjoy its offerings.”