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Construction and Application of Steel Frame Prefab House

  • Author:admin
  • Source:www.chinaheya.com
  • Release on:2018-02-06
Several key points of construction and application of steel structure prefab house are:

1-steel structure prefab housing should pay attention to the type of steel purlin, not too small, the construction shall be accepted after the end of each local convergence condition of reinforcement.

2-the wall of the steel structure prefab house if the use of polystyrene as a sandwich board so we should pay attention to the fire situation. For example: in the near the wall to stop welding construction, winter heating stoves should install fire installation, indoor line should adopt metal pipe laying, metal tube device should be grounded or by other refractory materials demand through the wall should also be added protection, waterproof casing stop demand disposal of the roof is strictly prohibited on the data using a blowtorch in the empty space! The tin roof tile is less than 0.6 mm in the housing should be installed a lightning rod.

3-the steel structure prefab house should pay attention to the wind protection.

4-antirust and daily maintenance of steel castings.