> 2 Storey Luxury Prefabricated Steel Structure Villa --- Designed by Whink
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2 Storey Luxury Prefabricated Steel Structure Villa --- Designed by Whink

admin www.chinaheya.com 2018-01-27 10:50:55

A. Steel structure villa materials:

Wall: light steel structure + insulation material + various board / light body cement plate

Roof: asphalt tile / color steel decorative tile and so on + steel structure +OSB+ moistureproof breathable membrane + insulation material

Common steel structure: lattice truss structure, C type light steel keel.

B. Performance of light steel villa:

1. Anti earthquake and anti typhoon:

It can aseismatic more than eight stages, and can resist typhoon eleven (wind speed 140km/ hours).

2, antirust and Anti-corruption:

The light steel structure is usually hinged with the galvanized steel plate and the V-type connector to make the skeleton. It has good corrosion protection performance, high strength, long service life, no distortion, no deformation, no corrosion, and stable structure. The design life of the steel structure is 50 years.

3. Fire fire and fire resistance:

The light steel structure has good fire-resistant performance compared with other steel structure systems in traditional building system.

4. Thermal insulation:

The performance of heat and heat insulation is greatly improved, and the energy saving of the house is up to 65%, which exceeds the state's demand for the energy saving of the house.

5. Protection of the environment:

The dust and noise pollution of traditional architecture system is serious, and the quality is not easy to control. The energy consumption is high, the harmful gas emission is large, the construction site is less garbage and the noise is low, so it is suitable for construction in densely populated area and high environmental requirements area.

6, sound insulation is good:

The sound insulation of buildings to meet national requirements, and can solve the airborne sound insulation of higher standard construction requirements.

7. More space for use:

Every hundred square meters of buildings in the villa can increase the effective use area of 8-13 square meters.