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secondhand home, pre-prepared home, fold out of container housesecondhand home, pre-prepared home, fold out of container housesecondhand home, pre-prepared home, fold out of container housesecondhand home, pre-prepared home, fold out of container housesecondhand home, pre-prepared home, fold out of container housesecondhand home, pre-prepared home, fold out of container house

secondhand home, pre-prepared home, fold out of container house

  • Place of origin: Shangdong, China (mainland)
  • Brand: HEYA
  • Model number: prefab home
  • Material: Steel
  • Use: Hotels, Houses, Villas
  • Standard: ISO / CE / AS / US / CA
  • Roof: adjusted
  • Insulation: Fiberglass / Rock wool / PU
  • Features: Energy Saving / Quick Assembly
  • Window: Aluminum Alloy Window, CE / AWA certified
  • Main Material: Galv Light Steel Frame. Z275 / Q345 / AZ150 / G550
  • Floor: Laminate / Wood / PVC / Carpet / tile


No.  Things  Content
 1  Steel Frame  High quality steel structure of 4mm steel profile.
 2  Windows  Aluminum alloy windows or plastic steel windows.
 3  The door  Steel doors and MDF doors.
 4  Wall Panel  75mm / 100m sandwich board (with EPS, stone feathers, glass wool) Glass-roofed roofs.Cement & EPS sandwich panel.
 5  Roof Panel  75mm / 100m sandwich board (with EPS, stone feather, glass wool). Roof-roofed sheets.
 6  Color  You can choose any color you like (both for the outdoors and the inside).
 7  Electricity  We will supply all electrical systems and equipment (alternatives).
 8  Bathroom  It will be equipped with a toilet bowl, a dishwasher, a bath
 9  Kitchen  It will be equipped with one kitchen cabinet (alternative).

No.  Things  Content
 Flexible combination Our mobile home can be freely linked to length, width and height through kits that link larger structures and different layouts.
2  Fast installation Four employees can build it within 7 ~ 15 days.
 Economic transport It will be loaded into the shipping container (main structure and panel in bulk, door / ceiling / floor tiles / furniture in the box, sanitary / electrical /pluming / hardware / equipment / tools in wooden case).
 Cost performance It can be produced in mass production. Furthermore, it can be changeded, rdress and maintain easily.
 Energy saving Choosing our new mobile home helps save on natural resources
and energy and reduce industrial waste.
 Fire hold According to the test by the central testing center of testing techniques for building materials, our mobile home is non-flammable grade A1 material that can withstand thousands of levels of fire resistance test by fire on the location.
 Waterproof It is with good water congestion. No formation, expansion, shrinkage or damage after being exposed to water for a long time.
 Good weather It's against heat & cold and UV rays. No cracks after 50 frozen cycles.
 Ability of mold and creativity are unlimited Our moving house with strong artistic expression, shows differently cultural value, any architectural style is available without increment too much cost. It makes the building and the city more beautiful.






Frequently asked questions

1, What is your Payment term?
50% deposit by TT, remaining 50% before loading container by TT; 100% LC on the side (payment amount more than 100,000USD);

2, How about Delivery?
We used 40HQ containers to ship goods; Usually 40HQ containers can contain about 160-180 square meter house.

3, delivery time?
Depending on the MOQ, we can usually arrange delivery about 10 days after receiving the deposit

4, How to install?
Usually we will provide installation drawings, and if necessary, we also provide installation video. 

5, Can you send workers to help me build a house?
Given the cost of labor, security and visa issues, we propose to send one or two engineers to guide and train your staff. You must provide air, hotel, and dining tickets, and 100USD daily for engineer salary.

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