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Chinese Enterprises Concentrating on the Design and Manufacture of Container Residence
Release on 2018-07-27Container houses are a kind of building system that has hit the fashion trend again and again, and can be moved anywhere anytime to make more convenient and comfortable life for people.
The house is the overall structure, with the frame, the wall is the steel plate and sandwich panels, the service life can be more than 25 years.Read More
The longest way must have its close,Quality control keeps innovating
Release on 2018-07-24Strictly control each process link.
Ensure that the products of HeYa are optimized in every detail.Read More
What would you do if God gave you a beautiful house?
Release on 2018-07-11Description of modular building system:
Modular Container Building System are mainly featured at all components and accessories can be prefabricated and preset and packed together, then transported to site for customized installation/assembly, which is convenient and flexible in the manner. With the cabins and associated services, you can get your one-stop and comprehensive modular space solutions for any events or camps.Read More
Full of vigor and vitality of the young people refueling!
Release on 2018-07-14I want to see more opportunities for young people.
Full of vigor and vitality of the young people refueling!
Fight for the dream!Read More
Wish every client a smooth project!
Release on 2018-07-02Last week, Heya International Group colleagues warmly welcomed customers who had come all the way to inspect the factory.
The two sides held heated discussions on specific details. Finally, an agreement was reached on how to cooperate. Expect to be put into production as soon as possible.
I also wish every client a smooth project!Read More
HEYA people actively carry out learning activities
Release on 2018-06-25Actively carry out learning activities.
Business before pleasure, business before thought.
We will bring our customers and friends with higher enthusiasm and more considerate service.Read More
Warmly welcome customers from the Middle East to visit our factory
Release on 2018-06-26Last week,our colleagues welcomed customers from the Middle East on a factory trip.
The customer is satisfied with our container products.
The two sides communicated well on details.It will be put into production soon. Read More
The group A sales team is preparing for the next project
Release on 2018-05-28A drop of water will never dry up if it is put into the sea. It is only when he integrates himself with the collective cause that he can be most powerful.Read More
What do you think of our new project prefab villa resort?
Release on 2018-05-30Sincere professional service committed to prefabricated housing industry for decades.
Please bring your design and ideas to contact us quickly.Read More
Do you want to build temporary housing for workers in the construction site?
Release on 2018-05-23Do you want to build temporary housing for workers in the construction site? Is it a good choice for purchasing movable houses, or a good container house? From a professional point of view, we distinguish between the movable house and the container house.Read More
88 Square Meter Prefabricated House is Built in South Africa
Release on 2018-05-21steel frame + 50mm rock wool sandwich panel,sliding door with verandaRead More
Introduction of Heya FPB lightweight composite sandwich wall panel
Release on 2018-05-17The fire resistance of FPB light composite sandwich wall panel at 1000 degrees Celsius is 4 hours non combustible to the national a grade standard, and no toxic gas is distributed in the case of fire. It is fully suitable for high fire places such as hotels.Read More
Prefabricated restaurant construction with deluxe interior decoration
Release on 2018-05-15This is a luxurious prefabricated restaurant made according to the design of the client. It makes the whole restaurant look beautiful with wood plastic hanging plate and big glass door.Read More
Rready Made 20ft Flat Pack Container Store House
Release on 2018-05-11Heya container store Can be customized according to customer needs,Excellent quality and price,Good pre-sale and after-sale serviceRead More
The workers are loading the house
Release on 2018-05-09The workers are loading the house.Read More
Panorama shooting of container house production workshop
Release on 2018-05-07Our factory production process standardization, product quality has been strictly certified, welcome to visit the factory at any time.Read More
Are you looking for a piece of paradise with a smaller footprint?
Release on 2018-05-04Are you looking for a piece of paradise with a smaller footprint?This prefabricated tiny house with two bedrooms, a full bathroom, living room, dining room, kitchen and two porches, it has everything you need to relax and enjoy life.Read More
A tiny house of 400 square feet
Release on 2018-05-02A tiny house that proves even 400-sq-ft can be spacious!The home's well-laid out interior packs numerous amenities into a small space without getting cramped.Read More
Shipped in accordance with the agreement
Release on 2018-04-28Before the Labor Day holiday, the house is sent out so that clients can receive the goods earlier and build the house well.Read More
Display of interior decoration effect of container house
Release on 2018-04-26The interior decoration of the prefabricated container house is designed according to the customer's needs. If the customer has no plans for the internal layout of its own container room, we can provide the customer with multiple options for choice.Read More