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HEYA small export prefab house shipping container house kitsHEYA small export prefab house shipping container house kitsHEYA small export prefab house shipping container house kitsHEYA small export prefab house shipping container house kitsHEYA small export prefab house shipping container house kitsHEYA small export prefab house shipping container house kits

HEYA small export prefab house shipping container house kits

  • Place of Origin: Shangdong, China (Mainland)
  • Brand Name: HEYA
  • Model Number: prefab apartments
  • Material: Steel
  • Use: Hotel, House, Villa
  • Standard: ISO / CE / AS / US / CA
  • Roofing: Customized
  • Insulation: Fiberglass / Rock wool / PU
  • Features: Energy saving / Fast Assembly
  • Window: Aluminum Alloy Window, CE / AWA certificated
  • Main Material: Light Steel Frames Galv. Z275 / Q345 / AZ150 / G550Floor: Laminate / Wooden / PVC / Carpet / tile
  • Usage of Life: 70 Years
  • Design: Plan & 3D Model & Structral D

HEYA small export prefab house shipping container house kits

Product Overviews

Prefab flat roof house performance:
1.Light steel frame,firmly and safety,ready components durable,easy to transport and installation
2.Repeated used,up to 6 times resemble,without wasting and building materials rubbish
3.Environment adaptiveness,flatland,hilly ground,desert,village,city constructions projects etc
4.Flexible design,doors,windows,partitions can be located at any position as you like
5.Anti-typhoon, anti-eathquake,corrosion resistance,acid resistance,long life time(more than 15 years)
6.Noise and heat insulation,economic fashion and beautiful,can be stacked for three floors
7.Multi applications,civilian resident living house,hotel,restaurants,school, business shops,warehouse,toilets,outdoor camping house,project construction office,meeting room,dormitory,emergency temporary center etc.

Product Detail

1. Main Material of Prefab Houses:
a. The roof and wall is sandwich panel. However, there are other materials you can choose, such as the Rock wool sandwich panel, Polyurethane sandwich panel, PU foam sandwich panel.
b. The frame is the C section steel and the Angle iron. The thickness is depending on you!

2. More details of Prefab Houses:

 1) Structure: light steel as its main frame, which is safe and reliable; sandwich panels as its roof and wall boards, which is in exquisite looks and beautiful decoration.
2) Environmental protection and economized: prefab houses are reasonable in design, can be removed or recycled more than 5 times, and it can service 10 years or longer.
3) Applications: prefab houses can be used as permanent & temporary residence, laborers accommodation, office, workshop, warehouse, etc.
 4) Advantages: High performance in quake proof, waterproof, windproof, moisture proof, heat insulation and sound insulation.
5) Inside facilities: Flooring, ceiling, water system, electrics, toilets, etc. are optional for clients' choice.
 6) Quick installation: It is convenient to install, a skilled worker can install 20sqm-30sqm one day.
 7) Transportation: The completely knock-down of prefab house components can save more space of the sea container and make the freight cost of house much lower.

3. 3.Other Points:

a. Prefab houses can be used in building site, low cost, easy installation, reusable, energy conservation.
b. Used in building site and can be reused in lots of projects, which is very economical.
c. Prefab houses can be designed as accommodation, office, control center, canteen and so on.
d. The low-cost, easy assemble and disassemble, reusable are the most outstanding advantages of this house.
e. We can design the style according to your different requirements and the building site weathers. It's fireproof, waterproof, quakeproof and heatproof.
f. The partition of the wall is depend on you, we can design what partition you want.
g. Excellent in the feature of typhoon and earthquake proofing grade is 8 grades, and the earthquake proofing grade is 7 grades.
h. The using life is around 10-15 years. Environmental protection and economical.
I. Each worker can assemble 20~30 square meters every day. 6 workers can finish 300sqm prefab house in 2 days.
j. Loading: 320 square meters can be loaded in one 40 feet shipping container.

4. For client’s information:

 It will be very much helpful if clients can provide the following information:
 a. Design drawing or layout plan if you have.
 b. The dimension: length, width, height, windows and doors dimensions, etc.
 c. The function of building, and if need, the interior equipment etc.
 d. The class of building: one, two or three story.
 e. Special requirement on function: such as water system, electricity installation, or other requirements etc.

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